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With traditional marketing methods becoming less and less effective, Genesys needed to rethink the way they targeted high value accounts and decision-makers. The campaign revolutionised the client’s entire approach to a point where the end results outstripped targets by 400%

Find out about account based marketing

Unfortunately, targeted accounts don’t just appear when you need them. Check out our blog to see how you can pinpoint the right accounts and then target them with timely ABM campaigns powered by Cyance.

Why nexus?

How do you know when to target a company and help your marketing and sales teams become superstars? What if you could find out when your customers are ready to buy the products and solutions you sell, right now?

Understand your customer needs

We track the buying journeys of millions of companies, from more than 55,000 websites across the globe. We help you to find out what your customers want, to help you drive more awareness, engagement and sales.

Find your ‘in-market' buyers

As a rule, 2-5% of your market is active at any given time. We help you to identify when your customers are ready to buy a product or solution you sell, right now.


Realtime customer behaviour & engagement alerts

Our platform sends you alerts when your customers are in an active buying mode and are engaging with your website.

Integrate Nexus into your tech stack to automate and scale

Nexus integrates into your CRM, marketing campaigns and many 3rd party audience activation platforms to help you deliver account-based marketing and sales at scale.

What our partners say

Our partners are some of the most innovative, high growth b2b agencies and companies in the world.

Find out how they use Nexus to deliver transformational results for our customers and themselves below.

We not only leverage Nexus on behalf of our clients but we are actually using the data for Punch!’s own account based strategy.

James Snider

Managing Director, Punch!

What stood out about Nexus is the ability to drive insight but also delve into  why that insight has come about in the first place

Andrew Freeman

CEO, CRM Technologies

We capitalise and utilise the insights that we derive from Nexus to engage customers in unexpected and personalised ways

Alex Kurth

Head of Strategy, April Six

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Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We know how hard it is to keep up with the ever growing demands of the B2B sales and marketing world. 

As you strive to better understand your customers and build richer personalised insights to gain more traction in the marketplace, we aim to make it easier for you to find your current active market saving you both time and money.  

Generate customer engagement & demand

Nexus empowers you to target and engage with your customers in an active buying mode, establish their needs and the stage of their buying journey. These insights help you to select your ‘in-market’ accounts and personalise your demand generation campaigns. 

Deliver faster sales growth

Our customer buying behaviour insights help you to prioritise which accounts your sales team should engage with and when. Our insights help your sales team to obtain early buying behaviour alerts, to help stay ahead of the competition.

Find more customer expansion opportunities

Track the buying behaviour across your target customer accounts and set-up alerts for your marketing and sales teams to collaborate and generate more customer expansion opportunities.

Increase customer retention

Find out when your customers are engaging with your competitors to help with your sales pitch, or spot early customer churn risk signs.


Satisfied Clients

Beloved partners

businesses profiled

Increased roi

more closed sales

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Why we are different

Nexus provides an unrivalled depth of customer buying intent signals from across the globe. We track the online behaviour from millions of companies, taken from billions of digital signals every week.

Our platform tracks customer buying behaviours across the USA, Europe and APAC regions. We are the only buying intent platform that can track the online content consumption in over nine different languages, from over 55,000 publisher websites across the globe.

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